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The Tower

A one act play about James Joyce and Oliver St John Gogarty who were close friends in Dublin in the months before Joyce went into exile and were thereafter lifetime enemies.

“The Tower” imagines them meeting again now in the Martello Tower beside Dublin Bay where they stayed briefly and which Joyce used as the setting for the opening scene in “Ulysses” in which he depicted Gogarty as “Buck Mulligan”.

The play has them discussing their relationship, art and posthumous reputations and has been critically acclaimed as well as popular with audiences.

An offering of extraordinary quality, elegant, well-observed, genuinely witty, and above all intelligent.

Sunday Independent

A refreshingly irreverent take on their iconic status

The Sunday Times
Watch the opening few minutes of the first production of The Tower with Tom Hickey as James Joyce and Bosco Hogan as Oliver St John Gogarty, directed by Caroline FitzGerald.