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January 1941

German bombs fall on neutral Ireland as WW2 goes to a new year. Are they deliberate or accidental? A message or the prelude to invasion?

Paul Duggan and his colleagues in the intelligence unit of the Irish army have to answer these questions fast: any miscalculation could be fatal. The pressure is on to find the one man who could help them – a German spy who has been operating in Dublin for almost a year.

Meanwhile, Duggan is running a routine operation with the help of a Jewish refugee, spying on German fliers interned in Ireland when they’re out on parole. But it turns out to be anything but routine and changes his life dramatically.

A captivatingly intriguing novel which will be enjoyed by anyone who likes thrillers or historical fiction

Sunday Business Post

Joe Joyce has written another winner… a compelling and evocative thriller. Excellent

Irish Independent