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1691: A Novel

It’s May 1691 and the events of the fateful year that still casts its shadow over Ireland are about to begin.

The armies of the English King James and his Dutch usurper King William are on the move in Ireland once again, resuming where they had left off for the winter.

James’s army has been pushed westwards beyond theRiver Shannon by its defeat at the battle of the Boyne the previoussummer. But, with a new general just arrived from France, it is far from beaten.

Through the personalities of two opposing generals, the Irish Patrick Sarsfield and the Scottish Hugh Mackay, 1691: A Novel uses the techniques of fiction to bring to life the friendships and enmities that lay behind the coming sieges and the deadliest battle fought on Irish soil.

An extremely good read, and from the perspective of history, it is accurate, well judged and convincing. Joe Joyce has earned a worthy place in the thin line of Irish historical novelists [see full review here]

The Irish Sword, journal of the Military history society of ireland

Full of great insight, bringing us down under the floorboards of history

hugo hamilton, author of The Speckled people and the pages

This lively fictional retelling of a fateful year for Ireland remains historically accurate while revealing psychological and dramatic dimensions that a straightforward historical account would lack

The Irish Times
Listen to my brief history of 1691 and why it was so important in Irish history
Songs and tunes related to 1691, my soundtrack to the writing of the novel