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ECHOBEAT, the Second Spy Novel in the ECHOLAND Series

It's Christmas1940. France is under German control, Britain is in danger and the United States has yet to join the war. Ireland, meanwhile, has succeeded in staying neutral – so far.
Reports of a British troop buildup in the North have raised fears that Ireland is facing an invasion by its neighbour. And Germany’s bombing of Dublin early in the new year suggests Berlin is trying to send a message, but the meaning is unclear.
Paul Duggan and his colleagues in G2, the intelligence unit of the Irish army, have to decipher Germany’s intentions fast: any miscalculation could be fatal. One man who could answer their questions is Hermann Goertz, the chief German spy in Ireland, who has been on the run for almost a year. Finding him is imperative.
Meanwhile, Duggan is also running an undercover operation spying on German fliers interned in Ireland when they're out on parole. Planned as a routine operation, it turns out to be anything but -- and changes Duggan's life dramatically.
Dublin shines through Joyce’s prose as his characters juggle with the diplomatic chess game to keep Ireland out of the war. You won’t be able to put this thriller down until you reach its heart-wrenching finale.

Echobeat is the second book in the Echoland series, which features Duggan, his Special Branch friend Peter Gifford, and a cast of political and intelligence operators in Ireland during the treacherous days of the Second World War.

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